How to create BDC Application Definition

In this section I will describe how to create BDC Application definition
with Database and Services (Web/WCF) for Search

Create two method in WCF Services .

1. Connect to Web/WCF Services

1. Create two method in WCF Services
1.1 GetDetaiByID ->Specific Finder
1.2 GetAllId ->IdEnumerator

2.Go to Application Definition Editor AddLOB System
4.Enter WCF services
5.Keep only one Entity and remove other one
6.Go to Method add 1.1 and 1.2 Method
7.Method instance Return Type Descriptor should be of Return both in IdEnumerator and
8.Add Action and select appropriate Field for viewing Profile

9. Now right click action and click Execute
Error: Could not find appropriate place on the root TypeDescriptor to read
sub-identifier value for the Instances of Entity…

10.Go to shecific Finder Method Return node and set Identifier
1. In specific finder Filters change WildCharacter to equal
2. Action is required to create profile in sharepoint to view the detail
3. Double check Identifiers in Methods–>Parameters


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