What’s New in SharePoint 2010

1. Digital Asset Management

SharePoint 2010 supports content type of digital assets
a. Audio
b. Video
c. Image

As part of these content type it supports
a. Data Rate
b. Frame Height, Width and Rate
c. Preview Image URLs
d. Copyrights

2. Bit Rate Throttling with IIS
It reduce the bit rate of media download to the correct speed based on the rate of source video.

3. Content Rating for the content

4. Remote BLOB Storage
It supports remote BLOB storage provider model for large BLOB file such as Video to cheaper storage.
And it maintains transactional consistency between the meta-data stored in SQL and BLOB

5. Image Property Promotion
SharePoint provide property promotion for image , it will automatically fill metadata from the image
a. Size
b. Date Taken etc
6. SilverLight WebPart and Media Library
It supports SilverLight 2.o out of box through SilverLight WebPart and SilverLight Media player WP.
7. OOB modifiable Workflow

8. Site Workflow
MOSS 2007 workflow had to run on item but with SharePoint 2010  provide the capability on
a. External List surface thru Business Connectivity Services
b. Can work with data stored in Database/LOB  but not in SharePoint
9. Visio Services
SharePoint 2010 exports Visio Diagram to SPD which interpret the diagram into  workflow steps
there all the condition logic can be applied.
And workflow status can be displayed using Visio Services and can render in web

10. Replacing Default forms with InfoPath Forms with many improvements for which normally
web base form used

SharePoint Platform

1. LINQ Provider for SharePoint 2010 using native CAML language
2. List Enhancement
a. Scale Limit
b. XSLT views for customization
c. List relationship for cascade Delete/Update and formula validation
d. External datalist Type for external data (Database /Web Services) inside SharePoint with Read/Write
3. Business Connectivity Services
a. Read/Write Capabilities
b. Sync LOB data when connected to server

4. Client Object Model
5. Web 2.0 Protocol and New Standards
a. REST(Representational State Transfer )
d. ATOM sub/pub

6. Sandbox Solution
This is new feature for deployment of SharePoint Solution in Secure Environment
7. SharePoint Designer 2010
which is free can be download from here

8. Visio and Access Service
9. InfoPath (Forms, List Forms, Mobile Forms)
10. Improved WSP (Web Solution Package)

Search Capabilities

1. New Core Search Query Results
MOSS 2007  doesnot support wildcard,suffix,grouping  of query term and Logical operator
2. Enhanced Core Search Result
Provider better filter mechanism
Provide preview of document
3. Enhanced People search
a. Phonetics
b. Address book Lookup

4. FAST Integration
5. New Search Connector Framework


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