Content Deployment in SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010  can  be used to deploy content from a
source site collection to a destination site collection.

1. The complete source site collection can be deployed, or a subset of sites
can be deployed.

2. Content deployment, which is incremental by default, deploys only
changed pages and related assets (such as images).

3. A Quick Deploy feature supports the deployment of a single page by

4. content deployment is a one-way process

5. Content deployment deploys only content —

Web pages,      Libraries,      Lists ,      Resources
that are used by the deployed pages.

6. It does not deploy programs, assemblies, features, or configuration

7. Content deployment deploys the most recent major and minor versions
of a content item

8. If an item has an associated publishing schedule, the scheduling
information is deployed together with the item so that the schedule is
followed in the destination site collection.

Content deployment paths

A path can be associated with only one site collection. A content deployment
path specifies the following information:

Authentication information that gives content deployment jobs permission
to the destination site collection

Content deployment jobs

  • The path with which the job is associated.
  • Whether the job uses SQL snapshots.
  • The sites within the source site collection to deploy.
  • The frequency at which to run the job and deploy the content.
  • Whether to send e-mail when a job succeeds or fails and the e-mail addresses to use.

A third kind of content deployment job, Quick Deploy, is a special job that
enables users to quickly publish content

Security: All, Role Definition, None
Content deployment settings for both incoming and outgoing deployment
jobs are configured

Click here for detail.





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