How to handle limitations in SharePoint 2010 BCS when working with large data

In SharePoint 2010 when connecting with large data, it will give you error because throttling limit is set and default is 2000,
however this is also configurable using Powershell, but this is also not the solution and also not going to fit in all
scenario, when someone want to display 20 records in a web part and BCS is  fetching all the record.

This can be handled using object model by invoking BDC Metadata Method Instance and by passing input parameter
and this input parameter can be used to filter the number of record to display.

By using this approach it become quiet handy to full control over the method to execute and input parameter can
be set dynamically which can passed to Stored Procedure /or Custom method where these input
parameter can be used to limit the number of records to display ….


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