Problem with multiple Infopath forms Associated to a Forms library.

In Forms Library some time field with type Note does not accepting
long text  for some InfoPath form and on the same time it accepts
long text for other InfoPath form.

It will give following error

ExceptionType: ‘SPException’ ExceptionMessage: ‘Invalid text value
A text field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again.’

This types of problem occurs to those forms whose Field definition was
not properly associated to Infopath form content type.

To fix this strange behaviour check field definition in infopath form content type.

If the Form Template created using contentype definition then link
the field with that. If was created without content type definition then
go to content type definition gallery and find the content type for the
legacy deployed infopath form which got created when published.

After getting the name of the content type link the Field
and then it will start working  correctly.


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