SharePoint 2010 FAST 2010 Unexpected error occured while communicating with Administration

One of the annoying error in FAST 2010 when you clicks on the manage property
it blows up and throw error..

Unexpected error occurred while communicating with Administration … ThreadAbortException : Thread was being aborted. at System …

To avoid this type of error just need to make the deployment and configuration

clean from the beginning.

1. Create a domain user give that user sufficient Administrative privileged.

2. Go to SQL Server give permission to create database permission or
add it in serveradmin role.

3. Login with newly created user and run the FAST setup.

4. After that run the FAST Configuration wizard.

5. Go to Active directory and verify “FASTSearchAdministrators” group and
the members inside.

6.Install the certificates and follow the instruction.

7. run the command [nctrl status] verify if services are running
if not running then start it using powershell command or from services.

8. Go to central admin create Search Query and Connector and give permission.


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