How to create List with Item Order enabled

In order to enable feature in a list to change item order, it will be better
to create your list definition go to schema.xml and specify¬†OrderedList=”TRUE”

and in the same schema.xml file go to view and change Order by CAML like..

<View BaseViewID=”1″ OrderedView=”TRUE”

<FieldRef Name=”Order”></FieldRef>


Now add some data into the list created based on above list definition
and then go to http://yoursitename/_layouts/Reorder.aspx?List=listGuid

This is manual process but can be added into ribbon button by adding
custom action for the list definition.




Display User field in search result

How to display custom user field in search result .

This includes two steps field definition and create a managed metadata property.

1. Field Definition

<Field ID=”{AE6EFA2E-DF0E-4EF5-8AB7-309FBC5465B9}”

Group=”My Columns”
Type=”UserMulti” List=”UserInfo”
Name=”helloauthor” DisplayName=”helloauthor”


2. Before creating managed property add some data to the field may be in your
documents library or custom list etc… and then crawl the search , once
your property is propagated  then create managed property.

Now re crawl your search and the perform search based on user name.